The Joy of Books

After creating a home bookshelf stop motion video,

Sean Ohlenkamp, a creative director at a Toronto marketing agency, with the help of at least 15 more folks, decided to take it up a notch, creating the Joy of Books. Filmed at Type, a bookstore in Toronto, the series was shot over 4 nights.

For more information and credits to the helpers, follow the links to youtube!
Also, the Huffington Post wrote a good review of the short film. Read it here.


so we went from giant rooms with punch cards to our own rooms with keyboards to anywhere with … mini keyboards? time to take action! demand keyboard satisfaction! my word’s are becoming an abstraction! to . slow . of . an . interaction.

… does that make sense? sorry it’s hard to type, i think my keyboard is shrinking right before my very iiiiii.

what do you think? kinda makes you want to play Simon, huh?