fly power

the microbial fuel cell and how insects can power the future:

and what about carnivorous furniture?

fly powered lamp

mouse eating coffee table

meat-eating furniture


so we went from giant rooms with punch cards to our own rooms with keyboards to anywhere with … mini keyboards? time to take action! demand keyboard satisfaction! my word’s are becoming an abstraction! to . slow . of . an . interaction.

… does that make sense? sorry it’s hard to type, i think my keyboard is shrinking right before my very iiiiii.

what do you think? kinda makes you want to play Simon, huh?



duck hunt gun

so how did the nintendo duck hunt gun work?

maybe everyone else knew this, but i sure didn’t.

the gun utilizes a light sensor technology that was around since the 1930s but nintendo was the first successful home-video game light gun game. released in october 1985, the duck hunt gun is, yes folks, a libra, which according to wikipedia makes it an air sign and the only inanimate object zodiac thing. being a non-living piece of plastic that you wave through the air, i guess that makes sense…

so, unlike to the wii-mote, which send signals to the little signal detector by the tv, or so i assume, the duck hunt gun detects light from your screen. basically, when you fire the trigger, the screen blacks out for a split second, leaving only the target or targets illuminated. the gun can detect if it is pointed at the target, there by awarding or not awarding a point to the shooter. in other words, rather than shooting the ducks on the tv, the tv is shooting you, and since we are only human, we cannot detect the brief blackout that occurs on the screen right in front of our very eyes.

longer explanation here