rates of travel

and today? … oh, about five and a half hours from NYC to LA

from railroads and the making of modern america


Alex Chen has turned the iconic 1972 NYC subway map (by Massimo Vignelli)…

Massimo Vignelli NYC subway map

…into a piece of visual and musical art, called, “Conductor”.

Some of the routes have changed. All of the lines fade out over time. But the general idea is that the trains move by the minute according to their schedule over a 24 hour period, and when one crosses over another, it creates a sound, as if each line were a string being plucked. Full description here.

See a video of the program in motion below, then go to mta.me for an interactive version of the map-strument.

mapping the facebook

this is what happens when you map out the relationships between a mere 2% of facebook users (you know, 10 million people, no big deal). the brighter the line, the more friendships between places. basically, a map of facebook relationships based on geography.

interesting to see how the lines actually outline the shapes of come countries, but show massive voids in other places. also, it would be interesting to see how this map has changed since the birth of facebook.

click the map for a giant version

Data and mapping done by facebook intern Paul Butler
The actual Facebook map page: http://tinyurl.com/39x5xbv