the new (american) starbucks coffee size is HOW big?!

if you don’t believe it, click the photo you can watch the overly long video of this demonstration. but that is totally unnecessary. so yeah, you can go back to work now.

Four Loko lives on…

I know being in Canada we haven’t had much first-hand experience with the awesome wide-awake drunk feeling provided by alcohol-energy drink Four Loko, and now we’ll get to miss out on it’s environmental benefits, too.  As retailers stop selling it due to FDA pressure in the US, truckloads of it are being sent to processing plants to be turned into pure ethanol.

I sincerely like the implications this has for using biofuels of a more renewable nature (that don’t consume foodcrops).

And I ironically appreciate that now hipsters can literally have a Four Loko fueled night.  What a world we live in.

See the story here on Fuel Fix.


why is parking mandatory at bars?

no, really, why is it? why does the city mandate something that promotes dangerous and completely illegal activity? or at least make it so easy and tempting.

next we should put brightly coloured cigarette vending machines next to the gumball machines at schools and locate the gun aisle next to the toy aisle at all the big box stores. we can blame kids’ bad habits on video games then.