why does the architecture have to be so static?


72 Hour Urban Action is the world’s first real-time architecture competition.

It is defined by community needs, an extreme deadline, a tight budget and limited space.

Selected teams have three days and three nights to plan and realize their projects in response to missions assigned randomly on take off day.

The first 72 Hour Urban Action took place in Bat-Yam, Israel, as part of the Bat-Yam Biennale of Landscape Urbanism.

dinner table fun

don’t play with your food doesn’t mean, don’t play with your silverware…

CheckItHere: http://www.konstantinslawinski.com/

The German manufacturer’s knife, spoon and fork, made of high-performance plastic, feature a “magic joining mechanism” on the handle that allow them to be used as Meccano-like building blocks.

how fancy, even got the interior innovation award 2011


Alex Chen has turned the iconic 1972 NYC subway map (by Massimo Vignelli)…

Massimo Vignelli NYC subway map

…into a piece of visual and musical art, called, “Conductor”.

Some of the routes have changed. All of the lines fade out over time. But the general idea is that the trains move by the minute according to their schedule over a 24 hour period, and when one crosses over another, it creates a sound, as if each line were a string being plucked. Full description here.

See a video of the program in motion below, then go to mta.me for an interactive version of the map-strument.


so we went from giant rooms with punch cards to our own rooms with keyboards to anywhere with … mini keyboards? time to take action! demand keyboard satisfaction! my word’s are becoming an abstraction! to . slow . of . an . interaction.

… does that make sense? sorry it’s hard to type, i think my keyboard is shrinking right before my very iiiiii.

what do you think? kinda makes you want to play Simon, huh?




horse(y) power

‘horsey’ by eungi kim from korea

designer’s own words:

‘horsey’ is an attachable bicycle ornament/accessory which makes one’s bicycle look horsey!
the ‘horsey’ package includes wooden ornaments (horsey shape body), metal parts, and screws.
the manual is very simple so that anyone can easily arrange it according to one’s needs.
through this ‘horsey’ project. I wanted to give a special look to bicycles so that people would care
about cycling not only as transportation but also as a lovely pet.

this project is a part of the seoul cycle design competition,
organized by designboom in collaboration with seoul design foundation