mega paintball gun art

ok, so this was made for some [probably horrible] energy drink, but who cares, it’s got an 840 barrel paintball gun attached to a truck

now some of you might be saying, wait! i saw that on mythbusters.
it’s true.
check it out, the mona lisa in slow motion

via colossal


Alex Chen has turned the iconic 1972 NYC subway map (by Massimo Vignelli)…

Massimo Vignelli NYC subway map

…into a piece of visual and musical art, called, “Conductor”.

Some of the routes have changed. All of the lines fade out over time. But the general idea is that the trains move by the minute according to their schedule over a 24 hour period, and when one crosses over another, it creates a sound, as if each line were a string being plucked. Full description here.

See a video of the program in motion below, then go to for an interactive version of the map-strument.

with a capital ‘T’ and that rhymes with ‘P’ and that stands for ‘pool’

apparently when you go swimming in Japan, you don’t even get wet

(from Make)

(from 21st Centrury Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)

One Argentian artist (Leandro Erlich) and his giant hunk a glass covered with a 10cm layer of water.

Check out his website, there’s some other really art illusions, such as:

art + medicine = 3rd eye

Wafaa Bilal surgically implanted a camera into the back of his head so that he can record his life (backwards?) for a year. Apparently the camera will take a picture every minute, with a live stream to the Arab Museum of Modern Art and online. It started photographing on December 15, 2010.

photo from

An interesting idea, with 2 points to note.
First, how will this work at night, and how much would it suck to sleep with a camera impaled into your head? I’ve fallen asleep with headphones on and even that hurts.
Second, on that same note, apparently it was only the camera mount that was implanted, which means the camera can be removed at night. Of course this means that it wont be taking a true back-of-the-head shot a minute if the camera is on the night stand.

If you’re not squeamish, you can check out the “installation” video below:

The video talks about how we are probably unknowingly photographed all the time and our actual current state of privacy. But will this change how Wafaa acts and what he does, whether on purpose or subconsciously, knowing he is recording his life out of the 3rd eye? Maybe he will move around more so that the images change more frequently. Maybe he sleeps less because he is in pain. Maybe he stops standing in front of mirrors. Maybe he spends the year contemplating why he didn’t just attach the camera to a hat.

Either way, this could be interesting, a bit like the Truman Show meets the Matrix. I just hope they compile the photos and speed them up at the end of the year. I just checked the streaming images and all i see is a brick wall.