the suitcase journey

Ever wonder what happens once your bag is checked at the airport?

Well, this video shows the behind the scenes. Of course it is totally an advertisement and the bag was rigged by Delta Airlines, but it’s cool to see the journey from the perspective of the luggage…

casu marzu – sardinian maggot cheese

currently banned in the EU, casu marzo is made from pecorino cheese (made from sheep milk) that is left out so that for 2 -3 months the cheese is swarmed by flies. coincidentally the flies then lay their eggs in the cheese. then the eggs hatch and the larva start eating. and digesting. the combination of cheese, flies, larva, and digested cheese are the reasons for the case marzu’s unique taste and texture. (and to be clear it is served with the live maggots still inside.)

check out casu marzu on Gordan Ramsey’s The F-Word