china has bike share, how about you?

london, paris, lyon, montreal, toronto. you all have bike share. high five. 1,000 bikes here, 2,000 in another city. one might even have 8,000. that’s cool. but hangzhou has 50,000 and they’re not stopping. predictions call for 175,000 bikes by 2020.

the hole

via bldgblog:

A neighborhood in Brooklyn known as “The Hole” is thirty feet below sea level. It is so close to the water table, in fact, that local homes are not connected to the city’s sewer system, relying instead on cesspools; the streets—with names like Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire—are often flooded, on the verge of permanently returning to marshland. The Hole is a short documentary by Courtney Sell and Billy Feldman about this neighborhood; cowboys on horseback wander through water-logged streets while abandoned housing developments soak up rain like giant sponges.

helsinki & the underground master plan

you may have seen this on Gizmodo, but if not, fyi, helsinki has become the first city with an underground master plan. Thanks to their constricted urban landscape (sea and existing buildings), they have decided to mitigate sprawl by digging deep and “going green”. This of course, made possible, by the shallow layer of hard bedrock located right below the city. They even cool computers with sea water, and use the heat for houses. Smart Fins…

Richard Quest explains all: