ted talks index

there is a list on-line of all Ted talks ever given, as of today, available here:


it’s organized by date, which apparently means al gore gave the first ever TED talk back in 2006. the idea has grown a lot since then, with all the TEDx and TEDwomen, etc.

the spreadsheet includes who talked, the name and length of talk, at what event, and even gives a short summary of what was talked about. and of course the link to the talk.

guess the world is just chock full of ideas worth spreading.
it’s monday. time to get your TED on?

fixers collective

out with the flu, but now i’m fixed

so on the subject of fixing, i just found out about the Fixer’s Collective today, in new york. you bring something, they fix it. why? because so many things that break aren’t really broken, are they? no, usually it’s just one tiny piece gone bad, but we throw the whole thing out anyways…

“Fixers’ Collective is a social experiment in improvisational fixing and mending.”
Check it out HERE, there’s a little video and everything!