roy’s jeans

this guy makes jeans and it’s amazing

you can buy his jeans here

[via] grain & gram is home to an interesting (and awesome looking) article on roy slapper here. it also has an interview. basically Roy moved to california to skateboard. which he did. then he started making jeans. and now that’s what he does. and he loves it. and he has really neat machines.

how ink is made

ink is one of those things that we take for granted, see and/or use everyday, but as with many things the process for making it is rather complex.

“as you can see there’s a lot more to ink making than just mixing two things together. there’s a lot of craftsmanship, there’s a lot of science, and there’s a lot of passion”

(oh how classical music makes everything seem so majestic. i mean isn’t this stuff pretty toxic?)

via triangulation