The Joy of Books

After creating a home bookshelf stop motion video,

Sean Ohlenkamp, a creative director at a Toronto marketing agency, with the help of at least 15 more folks, decided to take it up a notch, creating the Joy of Books. Filmed at Type, a bookstore in Toronto, the series was shot over 4 nights.

For more information and credits to the helpers, follow the links to youtube!
Also, the Huffington Post wrote a good review of the short film. Read it here.


2 thoughts on “The Joy of Books

  1. Your videos are fantastic. I make stop motion myself, so the one thought that comes to my mind while watching them is “How long did it take?”
    Seriously, they are awsome!

    • I didn’t make this video, but glad you like it. The youtube explanation didn’t give the name, but I just looked it up and will update the post to give credit where credit is deserved! (Should have snooped more before to find the full name!)

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