i came across skateistan in the fall on Wired and thought it was a pretty brilliant idea. the article was all about these kids in kabul who were given an opportunity to learn to skateboard by an australian guy who started the organization in 2007. instead of living in a world of violence and fear, skateistan is a chance to get away from that for a little while and to learn, play, work together, and have fun.

there is a much better summary about the organization here:

and here:

but i bring it up again because recently there has been news that the organization has grown! afganistan’s first skate park is now home to a rock climbing wall.
full article here.

Henniger [Max Henniger, Skateistan’s deputy director] first got the idea to add a climbing tower to Skateistan while rock climbing with the German Alps Association in Weinheim, when some climbers suggested it to him.

“We thought that having a climbing wall would be a great asset for Skateistan’s mission to establish trust between Afghan kids from different backgrounds, but also between Afghans and foreigners,” Henniger said. “Furthermore, the future potential for the sport to grow in Afghanistan is exciting, as the country’s landscape boasts many natural wonders to challenge rock climbers of all abilities.”


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