longboard girls crew

ok so this blog has been neglected for a few months… i wish i had a good excuse, like, oh, say being in this video … but i don’t, i’m not in it, and i just saw it yesterday for the first time.

so check it out, Carving the Mountain is an awesome video (by Juan Rayos) featuring the Longboard Girls Crew. i’ve now re-established my longing (ha) to learn to longboard and to go to spain. also, the decemberists, sweet.

The Joy of Books

After creating a home bookshelf stop motion video,

Sean Ohlenkamp, a creative director at a Toronto marketing agency, with the help of at least 15 more folks, decided to take it up a notch, creating the Joy of Books. Filmed at Type, a bookstore in Toronto, the series was shot over 4 nights.

For more information and credits to the helpers, follow the links to youtube!
Also, the Huffington Post wrote a good review of the short film. Read it here.

Translating the Internet

Luis von Ahn, one of the founders of CAPTCHA and coincidently, re-CAPTCHA, has devised a way to use the power of the world community to translate the internet into every major language.

So, what is CAPTCHA and who will translate the internet?

CAPTCHA, for those who didn’t know this “thing” had a name is the squiggly words you end up typing on the internet when you are filling out a form:

Essentially re-CAPTCHA is a newer version of the line squiggles with 2 words — one word for the human checking part, and one from an old book that a computer could not digitalize. It effectively out-sources book digitalization to the masses. At the moment, this amount of CAPTCHA-ing adds up to 2.5 million books a year being digitalized.

All of this is explained in the talk, as well as how the newest project, Duolingo, will use this idea of collective time & knowledge to translate the internet … one word, one sentence at a time.

Detroit Bike City

This is a great mini-doc by Alex Gallegos on biking in Detroit. It’s got a totally positive and uplifting feel and talks about everything from biking as a youth and social movement to the popularity growth for Critical Mass. It’s pretty nifty how the low density of this otherwise mid/large-sized city is seen as an asset here — the extra space on roads can be used by bicycles.

via Urban Times